We are trade buyers of large amounts of accessories which we distribute to our commercial sites as part of our operations. As such we hold in stock, or have quick access to, almost every concievable accessory for the industry.


From Pool Chalk & Cues to Gaming Stools & Pinball Flippers we can offer you access to a huge variety of stock and at prices well below those you might find in your local snooker hall or sports shop.


We've listed the most commonly requested Accessories & Spares below but feel free to give us a call if you can't see what your looking for... whether small or large - we'll be happy to help.

Pool Accessories & Spares

Red & Yellow Aramith Pool Balls. The best billiards balls available. 

Blue & Yellow Aramith Pool Balls. The best billiards balls available.


Aramith Spots & Stripes Pool Balls. The best billiards balls available.

Standard Red & Yellow Pool Balls. 


Spare Black, Yellow, Red or Cue Balls. 

Premium Large Horse Hair Pool Table Brush. 

Standard Small Nylon Pool Table Brush. 

Other Items...

Light Canopies, Covers, Coin Mechs, Battery Pack, Runway, Ball Seperator, Liner, Pool Table Recovers...

Cue Tips, Much Cheaper Than a New Cue! 


Pool Chalk - Most Colours Available.




Quality Pool & Snookers Cues



Plastic Billiards Triangles 


Other Accessories & Spares

AWP (Fruit Machine) Clear Bulb. 

AWP (Fruit Machine) Coloured Bulb.  

Table Football Ball Orange / White. 


Traditional Aramith Snooker Balls. 


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The majority of our time is spent servicing our sited equipment so do not have set opening hours for our workshop - we suggest that you initially contact us via telephone or email to arrange an appointment.