Reconditioned Classics...


Original Tabletops


Once refurbished and fitted with our latest 60-in-1 compendium of classics this retro classic will enhance any games room.


Games include; PacMan, Space Invaders, Dig Dug, Galaxian, 1942, Donkey Kong and many more. In a selection of Original cabinets from £650 - £900.


Original Uprights


As you can see Uprights come in all shapes and sizes, from original cocktail cabinets to multipurpose Jamma's with interchangeable boards.


Available with our 60-in-1 compendium of classics, we can sourse specific games upon request if required. Available from £400.


Space Invaders 25th Anniversary Edition

Produced by the original manufacturers as a tribute to the games that started it all. You'll strugle to find another one of these limited machines in such good condition - it's nearly a classic in its own right!


Boasting both Space Invaders and Qix this machine really is special. £2500.

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The majority of our time is spent servicing our sited equipment so do not have set opening hours for our workshop - we suggest that you initially contact us via telephone or email to arrange an appointment.