New Jukeboxes

Listed below are several of the new jukeboxes we offer, many customisable with personalised glass and extras upon request.


With every new Jukebox purchase we'll include a FREE iPod & Bluetooth Kit worth nearly £200! 


You won't find that deal anywhere else.



Based on the Wurlitzer 1015, the biggest selling juke box of all time, this model boasts classic styling paired with state of the art internal workings.



Rocket 88

The Rocket 88 takes it's name from what is widely regarded as the first ever Rock 'n' Roll song, With cits clean chrome edging this box always looks the part.



Juke Britannia

The Britannia rules the airwaves, based on the 1015 this box really is the best of British. Only a limited run of 99 boxes will ever be made!





The Gazelle's styling is second to none, pairing deep woods with vivid reds and greens to bring you one of the best looking boxes around.




1015 Slimline

With all the great specs of the standard 1015 but in a shallower cabinet . The box in the image above can be seen finished with blonde wood.





Similar to the Gazelle in style but with less striking decals this is the perfect box to offer understated atmoshpehere wherever it's located.


Gazelle Digital

Boasting all the great features of the Gazelle but with a digital music system replacing the standard CD changer, it's also 230mm shallower!



Melody Slimline

Slimline, stylish and sounding great, need we say more?




Nostalgia Digital

Similar to the Manhattan but in striking white this box really lights up a room and boasts great digital sound to go with its looks! 



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