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SWPs (Skill with Prizes) are popular among the public, especially with those who crave more of a 'game' than an AWP (Fruit Machine) can offer to your average player. With some of the more modern units also offering 'CAT C' games - similar to those you might find on an AWP along with Roulette, Poker etc. - the profitability of these machines in notable too.


SWPs also offer games more suitable to a younger audience with gamibling content reduced/removed - making them popular in more family friendly environments.


We offer these machines on £10 per week (to cover game theme licenses) with profit share after that.

Amusement Caterers (Sheffield) Ltd are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission to supply, install, adapt, maintain and repair gaming machines. License number: 000-005480-N-309369-003. Further information regarding gambling and licenses can be found on the Gambling Commissions website.

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The majority of our time is spent servicing our sited equipment so do not have set opening hours for our workshop - we suggest that you initially contact us via telephone or email to arrange an appointment.