With nearly a third of out sited machines being AWPs we have a great selection of games to offer. Unlike some operators we don't simply buy a machine because it's new - we wait to see which machines are the best performing before commiting it to one of our sites, this way we can ensure maximum profits for you, our customers.


We understand the importance of variety in this industry and appreciate that the public who play these machines like the challenges of different games to hold their interest. As such we offer machine changes for all our AWPs on a 12 weekly basis. From our experience we have found that this is the optimum time to site a machine. Long enough for the public to learn and enjoy the game, but not so long that they become bored with it. However we appreciate that every establishment is different and are flexible to suit your needs.


We can offer a variety of games on different terms - including several rent bands depending on machine age (starting at £20 per week) to no-risk profit share agreements. As part of our profit share option we even cover the legal administration of the machine - including the new troublesome MGD scheme the government has introduced... not something many operators have the ability to do for you.


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Amusement Caterers (Sheffield) Ltd are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission to supply, install, adapt, maintain and repair gaming machines. License number: 000-005480-N-309369-003. Further information regarding gambling and licenses can be found on the Gambling Commissions website.


Amusement Caterers (Sheffield) Ltd are members of BACTA, who represent the British Amusement & Gaming Industry, as well as BAPTO, the British Association of Pool Table Operators.

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The majority of our time is spent servicing our sited equipment so do not have set opening hours for our workshop - we suggest that you initially contact us via telephone or email to arrange an appointment.