Reconditioned Jukeboxes

Along with our new stock we also offer reconditioned modern and classic units. As a general rule these are project pieces we have bought in for restoration or models we have previously used for corporate functions. Meaning you can get a great looking and reliable jukebox without the price tag of a new one.


All our wallboxes come with two speakers & volume control.


Take a look below to see a taster of what we have had available - or give us a ring to book a viewing where you can hear them in all their glory too...


Ultimate Wallbox

The cream of the crop when it comes to NSM wallboxes of this era. Only rivaled by it's more understated brother, the 'Tradition'.




Used as our Premium Corporate box for several years now it's never missed a beat. Fitted with iPod kit & Remote Control.





A standalone jukebox with built in speakers that's as versatile as it is compact. Can be easily moved when not in use.


Superstars Wallbox

A British built CD wallbox that is quite small and understated, a favourite of the home market.



Tradition Wallbox

Very popular top of the range NSM CD wallbox, great looks and sound. Holds 100 CDs.



Fire Country Wallbox

A 100 CD early model NSM wallbox.



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