Reconditioned Pool Tables

As models and styles change we like to update our 'fleet' of commercial tables. This means we usually have a selection of well maintained and reliable tables available for resale to the home market.


We can offer our competition grade, solid slate bed, reconditioned tables from only £450, stock dependant - with prices depending on age, condition and whether the table is electronic, mechanical or freeplay. All our tables come newly recovered, delivered and complete with everything you need to play - cues, balls etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT STOCK IS CURRENTLY VERY DIFFICULT TO COME BY AND THAT EVEN IF AVAILABLE, DELIVERY OUTSIDE OUR USUAL RADIUS COULD BE VERY EXPENSIVE.


So if you crave a table, but don't want to buy new, why not give us a call today to see what we currently have available.


As a general rule the reconditioned tables we'll have in stock will fall into two main categories; Prince or Winner, and will be available in either 6ft or 7ft size.


The most common colours are mahogany, walnut (pictured) and oak for the Prince, and mahogany, oak (pictured) and black for the Winner. Occasionally other colours will also become avialable



A more traditional style of table.



A more modern style of table.


We've added some previously sold examples below, along with their prices (click the image), to give you an idea of what you could get from us - NOTE STOCK IS CURRENTLY ZERO AND THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED IF/WHEN WE HAVE AVAILABILITY.

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